Purchasing an electron microscope can be a costly investment. An electron microscope will perform as a function of its environment; thus, careful consideration and various factors must be taken into account when designing the room that will house your electron microscope. SubAngstrom works with you from the design phase though microscope sign off to ensure that your microscope works the way it was intended.


New to electron microscopy? SubAngstrom’s expert training services will help you master microscope operation and start collecting high quality data quickly and efficiently. Let us help you become an expert in: SEM, TEM, STEM, aberration correctors, phase plates, direct electron detectors, energy filtered TEM, EELS, sample preparation, single particle microscopy, tomography, and automated data collection.


SubAngstrom offers affordable service contracts on microscopes and laboratory equipment. Please contact us for more information.


Data Processing Services

SubAngstrom offers affordable data processing services. This service is geared towards pharma and academia alike to save on computing costs and processing time. Send us your data and we will send you back a structure. Please contact us for more information.